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Experienced drummer and performer, based in Cornwall UK,
providing DRUM TUITION.
Truro, Fowey, Bodmin, Falmouth, Helston

Jim playing his kit - lesson slots available

'I've always wanted to play the drums'

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About the Drum Lessons

Jim lives in Lostwithiel but teaches at a suitable and pleasant location in the St Austell area. Lessons cost 10 for 30 mins and 20 for an hour. Payment at end of lesson. Lessons can be extended by prior arrangement.

Jim's Sonor drum kit

Jim provides a realistic approach to drumming, believing that essentially its very nature cries out for individualism and that much can be achieved, and high standards accomplished.
'I would love to play like the drummer with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers...' (or any other popular drummer) then Jim can show you how. Some of Jim's tuition will include:

Students may also play along with pre-recorded tracks, minus drums.

About Jim

Jim's father played drums, so Jim was introduced to drums and drumming from an early age. However, he commenced learning to play drums when 8 years of age and showed much commitment and discipline, with little input but much encouragement from his father. At secondary school he performed and recorded with a couple of bands, and at 17 he left home for London. During his time (17 years) in London Jim performed, recorded, and toured with various bands of note. A detailed account (CV) of Jim's drumming is available upon request.

While in London, Jim gained much invaluable experience (and had a blast!) and although he has mainly been connected with rock/metal bands he has a broad knowledge of music, much knowledge of drums and drummers, and a vast amount of varying styles of playing. He has been influenced by various brilliant drummers, but the drummer who made a lasting impression is the late great Buddy Rich, probably the greatest exponent of jazz drumming ever.

Jim is currently playing with a local rock band Recovered. He is also available for deps, recording and school demos.

The Location

Simple directions on how to find Jim's easily accessed location, are provided at time of booking the first lesson.